How to Add Someone to Your Section 8 Voucher

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Are you wondering how to add someone to section 8 voucher? While living with a section 8 housing choice vouchers, you may want to include someone new to your voucher. You may need to add a Family-related or not, in your household voucher for different reasons like getting married or your children turning 18. 

We’ve written this article based on our personal experience, to provide answers to important questions regarding adding someone to your section 8 voucher.

What Happens You Get Married While on Section 8?

As a general rule, whoever you choose to live with, whether it’s your spouse or not, will need to meet the eligibility requirements and be approved by the public housing authority. To add a spouse to your voucher, you must contact the PHA office that manages your voucher and provide the personal information of your spouse, such as name, date of birth, social security number and income information. Provide documents to help the PHA verify the provided information.

Your PHA will then review and verify the information in the same way that they review all household members on the application. It is important to note that income of your spouse will be calculated towards your household income. Your spouse will then also need to sign the current lease and be approved by the landlord that you are renting from. 

If you are still in the process of applying, you must contact the office or all offices to which you sent your application.

 Please note that failure to inform the PHA of any household changes can be considered fraud.  If the PHA finds that the marital status of a household holding a Section 8 housing voucher has changed without notification, the recipient may lose their voucher, be permanently prohibited from rental assistance in the future and even face legal consequences.

Can Section 8 be Transferred to Another Family Member?

A section 8 voucher can be transferred to another family member only if the family member lives with you under section 8 and is listed as co-head of house. Transferring a section 8 voucher to a member not listed as co-head is usually not possible except in certain instances like the death of the household head.

What Happens to Section 8 Voucher if Head of Household Dies?

What happens to section 8 voucher if the head of household dies varies according to the housing authority.However, in most cases, either another adult member takes over, or a family member outside the voucher takes over when only minors are remaining, or a temporary guardian is employed in the absence of any other adult.

Ideally, the housing authority will ask for a proof of death before taking any action. The new head of house will be required to sign a new lease with the updated information.

In the unfortunate event that the head of a household dies, it’s always best to contact the housing authority to learn the next steps.

Section 8 Rules on Getting Married to a Felon

Suppose you get married to a felon while on section 8, your spouse may not qualify to be added to your voucher. This heavily depends on the nature of the crime committed.

Section 8 does not give vouchers to felons convicted as lifetime sex offenders or for producing methamphetamine in federal housing.

Other kinds of felons may be accepted on different grounds. The crime must have been committed at least 5 years ago, or 10 years in some counties.

If your spouse was convicted for a crime less than 5 years ago, they may still be accepted if they’re currently on rehabilitation. The best thing to do is to contact the housing authority to be sure of the rules.

Do not attempt living with your felon spouse without the notice of your housing authority. Your voucher could be terminated and what’s worse, you may never qualify to get another one.

Can I Transfer My Section 8 to My Daughter?

A situation like this really depends on the housing authority in your area.

While section 8 vouchers are normally not transferable, the rules in some areas may allow you to transfer your voucher to another adult member within your household, and in most cases, only the co-head of the household.

You, however, cannot transfer your voucher to a family member, not on your section 8 lease contract, except in special cases.

Section 8 Change Head of Household

A change of household may be permitted under certain circumstances, like if the head of household dies.

Suppose the head of household only decides to move out for any reason, if approved by the housing authority, the section 8 voucher may be transferred to the co-head.

Adding someone to your section 8 voucher depends on a lot of factors. Generally, the person you wish to add must be eligible and approved by the housing authority.

Although section 8 cannot be transferred, the head of the household may be transferred under particular circumstances.  We suggest that you get in touch with the housing authority to discuss any changes you wish to make in your household.

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